'' The Reason Why We Exist ''
To be a solution partner that adds value to its customer's investment and increases its competitiveness.

'' Our Mission For Tomorrow’’
Being a solution partner that adds value to investments of it’s customers and increases its competitiveness. Every company within the AKE GROUP is committed to providing quality products and services for customers all over the world that increase business comfort and encourage more efficient production. Continuous follow-up of groundbreaking innovations is dedicated to developing self-producing industry and facilitating production. As AKE GROUP, we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers by sharing our values, efforts and resources shared by our employees by knowing our responsibility to be a productive company in all the sectors we serve. As AKE GROUP we want to shape an exciting and promising future. Business ethics rules of our companies with social responsibility principles include employees, institutions, suppliers, consumers, and briefly the principles that will protect the society.