Starting our business with KONYA ISI brand in 1982, our production of industrial kitchen equipments has been continuously running for 35 years.As a result of the last 35 years, our company continues to grow steadily every year and continue to invest by making no concessions to quality and customer satisfaction.

In recent years, the need for Street Food Equipments and mobile kitchen systems, which is related to the industrial kitchen sector, is increasing day by day in the world and in our country. Our company has increased its experience in this field by producing countless Mobile kitchens over the past 10 years. As a result, in 2018, we started to produce mobile systems under the main titles of Trailer Type, Caravan Type, Kiosk Type, and On-Vehicle Solutions with the brand MOBILCHEF.

In 2013, AKETRONİKS LTD was established as a company which makes research&development, design and production of electronic systems, mainly used in industrial kitchen equipments. AKETRONİKS LTD, which has cutting-edge and powerful machine park, has world-class factory for the production of embedded electronic systems. Besides, AKETRONİKS LTD has continued its activities as R&D Center, which is approved by Ministry of Industry and Technology, since March 2018.

In 2018, we decided to continue our production with our metal processing capabilities and experience in the development and production of electronic systems as AKE GROUP in different sectors.

In this context, the investments for metal processing machines and electronic board card production have been made and AKESEC and AKEMED brands created as a new sector. We have targeted to manufacture Controlled Passing Systems with AKESEC brand. And we’ve also targeted to manufacture medical devices and equipments with AKEMED brand.

Our aim is to serve you in the new sectors with our 35 years of production experience, expert and experienced staff, customer satisfaction oriented business ethics and understanding of keeping all promises that we give our customers.